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With Daisy Buchanan character, Fitzgerald shows us people of that time were seeking the American dream. Daisy cheats her husband with rich Gatsby because she loves money and luxury things.

The American Dream in The Great Gatsby Free Essay Example | ChiefEssays

This behavior evokes negative emotions in readers and gives a lot of food for thoughts if to try to compare modern Americans and their values with those described in the book. Fitzgerald defines the American dream as a strong desire for imperialism and individualism. Though this dream is distorted, it's like Jay's dream to be with Daisy who betrays her lovely husband just because of her desire for money, luxury, and splendor.

With this novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald wanted to create something extraordinary but simple. The book grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps in tension until the end. We don't like Daisy, Gatsby or even Nick but we are deeply involved in the book because the author succeeds to grab readers' attention. He showed us people can be so much empty and lonely that they are unable to find their dream and they even push it away when they finally move to it.

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This is where the decline of the American dream concept is especially noticeable. In order to enter into the upper class society, Gatsby did different things, including running a shadow business. The American dream in The Great Gatsby, particularly for the protagonist was simply to be worthy of the woman he loved. The money was a goal but also a tool to achieve the dream of marrying Daisy. In the end, the reader is still left wondering if Daisy would be as impressed with her long-forgotten lover if he appeared in front of her being the same poor officer that he used to be?

Other symbols in The Great Gatsby book include infidelity and weakness of the characters. Finally, one of the more subtle but key components of symbolism in The Great Gatsby is the fickleness of happiness. Even when Daisy almost agreed to leave her husband, she is still more impressed by his wealth than by his personality. Once he loses the old dream forever, Gatsby is left with nothing to wish for. The Great Gatsby is a great book that changed the destiny of its author and the course of American literature development in general.

But if the class is in five minutes and you need a quick overview of the text, here are the most important things you need to know:. When was The Great Gatsby written?

The author started writing it in New York and finished the text while spending his vacation in France. When was The Great Gatsby published? It was met with some interest but was then forgotten during the period of the Great Depression. After regaining its popularity in the s, the book has stayed on the top of the reading preferences ever since.

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It is now included in the school literature list in the USA. In it was named among the top three English-speaking novels of the 20th century. What is The Great Gatsby genre? What is The Great Gatsby setting?

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What is The Great Gatsby modality? Fitzgerald reveals the personality of his characters through their actions and facts from the past. Rarely does Nick Carraway the narrator of the story shows his attitude towards the events. What are The Great Gatsby main topics? Was The Great Gatsby a commercial success? The sales amounted to 24, copies, which was less than his previous books. Despite bad sales, the reviews on the book were very positive. He presents himself as a character who is simultaneously privileged and empathetic.

This statement establishes, first, the high socioeconomic status enjoyed by most of the protagonists in the novel. He thus establishes himself as not only an accepting character, but also a relatively impartial narrator. Fitzgerald gives us, then, a character who is both inside and outside of this privileged social sphere.

At times he is fully enamored by the culture, while at others he points out the flaws in its decadence. Daisy reflects while Nick visits her on her relatively despondent state of mind. Fitzgerald thus presents Daisy as not only confined by Tom but also by her own conceptions of what it means to be a woman and a wife. She is, rather ironically, herself a fool for not having realized how narrowly she defines a good female identity. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. From novelinks. Contains links to various sites with lessons on F.

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Studio: Video Aided Instruct. Video Release Date: April 23, The Great Gatsby has been filmed four times: In , , , and Google Images of F. Film directed by Herbert Brenon. Writing credits: F. Scott Fitzgerald novel , Becky Gardiner writer — filmography. Country: USA. Color: Black and White.