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Introduction My personal leadership development plan is based my intention to use transformational leadership theory to promote healthcare-eldercare advocacy in my organizational behavior. These weaknesses, of course, will present certain obstacles that must be overcome during my leadership development. The drive to accommodate can denote a general desire to subsume one's will for someone else's purposes or ends, and this could limit my potential for development.

I will create a study plan to enable me to balance work, home, and school demands and involve my family with this plan.

All You Need to Know About Leadership Essay - A Comprehensive Writing Guide

To enhance my attractiveness as a candidate for employment I will continue to add to my professional areas of expertise. Present what you need or want. Download this Essay in word format. Read Full Essay. Sources Used in Document:. Cite This Essay:. I believe Mr. M was able to grow his staff — which was one of his major responsibilities as a leader — by helping them develop problem-solving skills. There were times when a problem seemed too overwhelming to be handled by a member and would seek his help, to which his usual response would be to insist that the person must learn how to do it, with his guidance.

As much as he could, Mr. M does not take sides or intervene in interpersonal problems, to which some people in our team would attempt to make him a mediator or a counselor. His tendency was not to express an opinion showing favour to one party over the other. This stance was also taken as positive by Tracy , who said that as a rule, one would not be able to have the full story, and once a leader takes a particular position, it might mean weakening his authority with both persons in the future.

As a result of good performance, the performing employee was rewarded by the leader. Based on the case presented, the suggested areas for my own development as a leader are: delegating responsibilities to my team members, promoting decision-making through problem solving, and motivating the workforce through a high degree of autonomy and job control. I have learned through this exercise that delegating responsibilities is not only to free or unburden the leader of the many workloads but to provide opportunities for growth. Similarly, involving the whole team toward a problem-solving activity results in providing an opportunity for decision making.

Noteworthy here is the fact that decision making allows employees to become more involved in the job Bhattacharya and McGlothlin, I am also noting that a high level of autonomy in the job necessitates corresponding skills sets for the work, in which employees with high job autonomy tend to perceive greater responsibility for either the success or failure of their efforts, and are also likely to experience increased job satisfaction Lewis et al. To conclude, the leader plays a crucial role in the development of members and in achieving organisational goals.

M was able to promote trust and motivation both for himself and for his team members, typical of transformational leadership theory. Transactional theory had also demonstrated a specific transaction based on a mutually beneficial relationship between the leader and the followers. This case also complemented with the path-goal theory in which the leader guides the members in treading a desired path.

The case led to identification of my own areas for development. Bhattacharya, A. Second Edition.

Bligh, M. NY: Routledge.

Gittens, B. Griffin, R.


Higgins, J. Benscoter Ed. Lewis, P. Therefore, persuasive language needs to be applied in the concluding paragraphs to have resounding ideas that will give the readers something to think about after reading the essay.

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There are many characteristics that make a good leader. However, leaders who succeed often have unique characteristics like having a positive outlook towards the situation and being open-minded. A good leader needs to be a good communicator and should exercise patience before making any decisions. All in all, leadership is about being ready to lead people by taking appropriate action. Revision is what takes a good essay and makes it into a great one. Revision may be a thankless task at times, but it is very necessary.

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