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Just because a woman is forced to carry to term and ends up loving her child does not mean the government has the right to make that decision. Conclusion: By this time, your conclusion should seem inevitable given your arguments. Sum it up, leaving your reader with a strong impression, something to think about. Ending with a question is not the best option—all the questions should have been answered by now. For a pro-life paper, you might begin thinking along these lines:. Audience: Pro-choice people who believe abortion should remain legal.

Such a paper might look very different since the argument rests on one main issue. In this case, an outline might look like this:.

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Thesis: Abortion should be illegal because whatever arguments the pro-choice side can make, it does not matter when we are discussing the life of a human being. Abortion is murder. Evidence for fetus as human argument. Evidence : for any other argument. Addressing Opposing problems : to make your case stronger, you could give solutions for the problems you outlined in the opposing arguments section. For example, if child abuse and unwanted children are a problem, perhaps we could work on changing the adoption system.

This shows you are aware of the problems illegal abortion creates and are willing to acknowledge those problems, i. Other options are available. You may find for your topic that going point by point would work best. Give their second strongest; refute, and so on. This works well if you can go point-by-point.

You also need to consider how to arrange the arguments you have. There are couples willing to adopt any baby, not just healthy white babies. This allows the woman to not have to forever be reminded of her violation without having to live with the physical and psychological consequences of abortion.

The truth is that no conclusive evidence has been provided which proves that an unborn baby is not a person. Since the number of cases concerning the abortion issue involves millions of lives, no sane or humane society would risk committing millions of murders.

Pros of abortion

Pro-abortionists argue that abortion should be allowed in cases of severe 'fetal deformities'. Words are powerful weapons. When we want to provoke feelings of compassion we speak of 'handicapped children. If that is the case then why not advocate burning down all of the nation's nursing homes with the residents still inside?

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A second consideration is that many forms of prenatal testing for handicaps are flawed and unreliable. Do we risk killing a baby for an ailment that she may not really have?

Pro-abortionists argue that pro-lifers are concerned with unborn babies, not women and born children. This is an irrelevant argument since it does not address the issue of whether unborn babies are human or not. However even so, it is still patently absurd. If that were the case then pro-lifers would not be running crisis pregnancy centers all over the country. If that were the case then pro-lifers would not be more active in charities than the average person. If that were the case then pro-lifers would not be giving help to both child AND mother during and after pregnancy.

Abortion as a Right: Arguments For Pro-Choice

If that were the case then pro-lifers would not be trying to adopt children. Pro-abortionists argue that abortion prevents unwanted children and therefore prevents child abuse. First, I would suggest that abortion is the ultimate child abuse. To what greater abuse could a child be subjected than be ripped piece by piece from her mother's womb? Secondly, if this argument were true then the rate of child abuse in the country would have gone DOWN since abortion was legalized in On the contrary, though, child abuse has gone UP since then.

The nonchalant way in which the nation accepts abortion has led to a devaluation of human life that has led to more abuse, not less.

The right to life

Pro-abortionists argue that most people favor legal abortion. Let us for the moment assume this is true. I still respond, "So what.

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If it did we would still have slavery. In any case, this argument is not true. Polls can be taken that show some support for legalized abortion. However, it is a known fact that poll results can be skewed by the way a question is answered. If people are asked "Should a women be allowed to make her own medical decisions without governmental interference? However, if they are asked "Should unborn children be protected from being ripped apart in the womb? This conclusion, however, does not account for the general population who may support abortion in some ways but not all Jelen and Wilcox, A 3-week-old fetus has the potential to become a human being if granted the choice by the mother to grow into a baby.

Writing a Persuasive Essay on Abortion

A fetus is a tissue consisting of developing structures of a human being. It only takes about 8 weeks for the fetus to have developed all structures to form. It cannot exist on its own because it is not a biologically complete organism. It has no rights whatsoever and neither can it speak for itself as it depends on another person.

Calling it, a person, therefore, is ludicrous, to say the least. A child will only acquire rights once it is born and becomes separated from its mother Rand,