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Identify the principal libraries and repositories, as well as other locations and persons. Do not overlook unpublished doctoral or master's research. Provide in the bibliography at least 25 initial sources that you have already consulted substantively for your research.

Writing a dissertation prospectus – Meagan Kittle Autry, Ph.D.

Note additional sources that you know will be essential for your work, but which you have not yet had occasion to consult. Draft a tentative chapter outline and schedule of tasks and stages for the writing of the dissertation. Allow time for research, travel to collections, writing, and revision. Include proposed date for Progress Colloquium and estimated date of completion. A month before the Conference, candidates will submit a page written prospectus to their advisor, who will distribute it to the Director of Graduate Studies and other interested faculty.

This forms the basis for the Conference presentation. The prospectus should include a select bibliography of works at least 25 on which the subsequent research is to be based. Conferences last between minutes per candidate.

Write prospectus dissertation

A month before the conference, the Director of Graduate Studies will ask the candidate for the following information:. This event is to be schedule for no later than nine months after the Dissertation Conference.

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Search form Search. You are here. The Dissertation Prospectus includes the following: Statement of Thesis What is the critical question you wish to study and what is its relevance to, or significance in, German Studies? Scholarly Context What work has, and has not, been done in this field and on this problem? The supervisor is a number of things. They become your mentor and some would say they become your psychologist and they certainly become your teacher in trying to ensure that you stick to the topic, look after yourself physically and mentally and stick to the timetable.

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Using experienced people be they your supervisor or other dissertation writers is an excellent way to help you create a quality piece of writing. Homepage Picking topics Nursing topics Topics for your law dissertation Dissertation topic ideas on music Suggestions on management dissertation Useful tips for dissertation in finance Sociology topic ideas Choosing topics on public administration Great suggestions on psychology Topics on sports journalism Picking topics on youth offenders Culture dissertation topics Choosing topics on psychology Thesis topics in accounting Coming up with strong topics Dissertation topic ideas on Nazi Germany Thesis topics on special education Topics on tourism marketing internships Ideas for a paper on Victorian literature 10 fresh topics for your paper Ideas for paper on interior design 10 topics on Education Writing hints for dissertation on Apple Coming up with a topic for history paper Topics on business information technology Help with paper on economics 10 ideas on legal history.

Here are some basic format tips that will help you in writing your prospectus: Start with the statement of thesis.

Parts dissertation prospectus

This is where you will discuss the problem that you have studied through your paper or the issue that you have explored through your work. You will have to be concise but also speak about the significance of the topic i.

You will also have to highlight your personal viewpoint regarding the issue and how you think it can be resolved or tackled. Next write the context of the topic in relation to earlier research. Here you will have to elaborate briefly on all past works that may have been done on the topic you have chosen.

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You do not have to criticize any scholar who might have failed in their research on the same issue. Rather you must highlight how the research proved the limitation of the method and how it has helped you in developing a better approach. Once you have discussed the past works done on the issue move onto the theory and what methods you used. Discuss some of the theories that have been developed in the field and then how these theories defined the approach you have made. You do not have to engage with these theories or perceptions but merely state how they have inspired your method in simple terms.