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Christians should be taught, he who gives to the poor, or lends to a needy man, does better than buying indulgence. For, by the exercise of charity, charity increases and man grows better, while by means of indulgence, he does not become better, but only freer from punishment. Christians should be taught, he who sees his neighbor in distress, and, nevertheless, buys indulgence, is not partaking in the Pope's pardons, but in the anger of God. Christians should be taught, unless they are rich enough, it is their duty to keep what is necessary for the use of their households, and by no means to throw it away on indulgences.

Christians should be taught, the Pope, in selling pardons, has more want and more desire of a devout prayer for himself than of the money. Christians should be taught, the Pope's pardons are useful as far as one does not put confidence in them, but on the contrary most dangerous, if through them one loses the fear of God. Christians should be taught, if the Pope knew the ways and doings of the preachers of indulgences, he would prefer that St.

Peter's Minster should be burnt to ashes, rather than that it should be built up of the skin, flesh, and bones of his lambs. Christians should be taught, the Pope, as it is his bounden duty to do, is indeed also willing to give of his own money - and should St. Peter's be sold thereto - to those from whom the preachers of indulgences do most extort money. It is a vain and false thing to hope to be saved through indulgences, though the commissary - nay, the Pope himself - was to pledge his own soul therefore.

Those who, on account of a sermon concerning indulgences in one church, condemn the word of God to silence in the others, are enemies of Christ and of the Pope. Wrong is done to the word of God if one in the same sermon spends as much or more time on indulgences as on the word of the Gospel. The opinion of the Pope cannot be otherwise than this:- If an indulgence - which is the lowest thing - be celebrated with one bell, one procession and ceremonies, then the Gospel - which is the highest thing - must be celebrated with a hundred bells, a hundred processions, and a hundred ceremonies.

The treasures of the Church, whence the Pope grants his dispensation are neither sufficiently named nor known among the community of Christ. It is manifest that they are not temporal treasures, for the latter are not lightly spent, but rather gathered by many of the preachers.

Nor are they the merits of Christ and of the saints, for these, without the Pope's aid, work always grace to the inner man, cross, death, and hell to the other man.

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Lawrence called the poor of the community the treasures of the community and of the Church, but he understood the word according to the use in his time. We affirm without pertness that the keys of the Church, bestowed through the merit of Christ, are this treasure. For it is clear that the Pope's power is sufficient for the remission of penalties and forgiveness in the reserved cases. The right and true treasure of the Church is the most Holy Gospel of the glory and grace of God.

This treasure, however, is deservedly most hateful, for it makes the first to be last. While the treasure of indulgence is deservedly most agreeable, for it makes the last to be first. Therefore, the treasures of the Gospel are nets, with which, in times of yore, one fished for the men of Mammon.

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But the treasures of indulgence are nets, with which now-a-days one fishes for the Mammon of men. Those indulgences, which the preachers proclaim to be great mercies, are indeed great mercies, forasmuch as they promote gain. And yet they are of the smallest compared to the grace of God and to the devotion of the Cross. Bishops and curates ought to mark with eyes and ears, that the commissaries of apostolical that is, Popish pardons are received with all reverence.

But they ought still more to mark with eyes and ears, that these commissaries do not preach their own fancies instead of what the Pope has commanded. But blessed be he who is on his guard against the preacher's of pardons naughty and impudent words. As the Pope justly disgraces and excommunicates those who use any kind of contrivance to do damage to the traffic in indulgences.

Much more it is his intention to disgrace and excommunicate those who, under the pretext of indulgences, use contrivance to do damage to holy love and truth. To think that the Popish pardons have power to absolve a man even if - to utter an impossibility - he had violated the Mother of God, is madness. We assert on the contrary that the Popish pardon cannot take away the least of daily sins, as regards the guilt of it. To say that St. Peter, if he were now Pope, could show no greater mercies, is blasphemy against St.

Peter and the Pope.

Early Life

We assert on the contrary that both this and every other Pope has greater mercies to show: namely, the Gospel, spiritual powers, gifts of healing, etc. In , Luther entered the Augustinian monastery and became a priest two years later. In , he was sent to Rome.

He was called before a Diet in the city of Worms , where he was declared a heretic. Luther faced possible torture or execution, but Frederick III allowed him into a castle and hid him for the next several years. Luther used the printing press, which had been invented in the previous century, to spread his ideas through pamphlets and other publications. Olaf College.

Their various religious movements spread throughout the Holy Roman Empire and gained converts primarily from the peasant class. Luther himself did not approve of many of these movements. The best known of them is a castle commissioned by Elector Frederick the Wise in Unfortunately nearly the whole of that castle church burnt down in as a result of bombardments during the Seven-Year War. The church started being rebuilt in On the occasion of the bompardment having taken place on September 28th a large part of the Church was again reduced to rubble.

Therefore we can at present have the pleasure to behold such a marvelous and unique Church thanks to the efforts of the Prussian Government to rebuild it in a manner befitting a monument to Reformation. The exterior of the Church walls has been largely preserved. The interior however has been considerably changed. It refers to the ninety five Theses written by Martin Luther in which he expressed opposition to the granting of indulgences which harks back to the practice of parishioners ensuring their eternal salvation by making monetary contributions.

It is said that on October 31st Martin Luther nailed his ninety five Theses in Latin on that door in order to debate them with scholars. This event is regarded as the start of the Reformation. A notice about it was found in , what leads specialists to believe that the aforesaid legend is very likely true. The door concerned was also destroyed by fire as a result of the bombardment but seven years later it was replaced together with other elements destroyed in the same fire.

The rest of the Church exterior is beautiful. Another precious element which can be observed from that point is the renovated ridge steeple and its clock, both of a great beauty, and of course the highest part of the Castle Church steeple. He went to that town from Leipzig by train, which started with half an hour delay.

Had the train started in time the visit of the Church interior would have certainly been feasible. He was surprised at realizing that such things also happen in Germany. He intends to go again to Wittenberg particularly to visit the stated Church inner part. As far as he could learn everything in it is extremely nice and interesting, both the statues, the coats of arms, the tomb slabs, particularly those of Martin Luther and Melanchton, the chancel, the vault and naves and everything in general to such an extent that the mere contemplation of such works is really worth a new trip to Wittenberg.

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    Schlossplatz 1 , Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The 95 Theses on the church door was a highlight.

    Martin Luther's 95 Theses

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