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  4. The Impact of Computers and Internet on Society

Microsoft lost power as hard as that is to believe. The Internet changed political power as well. Some governments lost power as citizens organized online.

Political movements became easier, helping to topple governments. The Obama campaign made revolutionary use of the Internet, both in and And the Internet changed social power, as we collected hundreds of "friends" on Facebook, tweeted our way to fame, and found communities for the most obscure hobbies and interests. And some crimes became easier: impersonation fraud became identity theft, copyright violation became file sharing, and accessing censored materials -- political, sexual, cultural -- became trivially easy.

Now powerful interests are looking to deliberately steer this influence to their advantage. Some corporations are creating Internet environments that maximize their profitability: Facebook and Google, among many others. Some industries are lobbying for laws that make their particular business models more profitable: telecom carriers want to be able to discriminate between different types of Internet traffic, entertainment companies want to crack down on file sharing, advertisers want unfettered access to data about our habits and preferences. On the government side, more countries censor the Internet -- and do so more effectively -- than ever before.

Police forces around the world are using Internet data for surveillance, with less judicial oversight and sometimes in advance of any crime.

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Militaries are fomenting a cyberwar arms race. Internet surveillance -- both governmental and commercial -- is on the rise, not just in totalitarian states but in Western democracies as well. Both companies and governments rely more on propaganda to create false impressions of public opinion.

We believed that the Internet generation, those quick to embrace the social changes this new technology brought, would swiftly outmaneuver the more ponderous institutions of the previous era. Reality turned out to be much more complicated. What we forgot is that technology magnifies power in both directions. When the powerless found the Internet, suddenly they had power.

How internet impact society positively and negatively

But while the unorganized and nimble were the first to make use of the new technologies, eventually the powerful behemoths woke up to the potential -- and they have more power to magnify. The research directors of the institute are Prof. Jeanette Hofmann , Prof. Ingolf Pernice , Prof.

The Impact of Computers and Internet on Society | Kibin

Thomas Schildhauer and Prof. Wolfgang Schulz.

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The HIIG researches the development of the internet from a societal perspective with the aim to better understand the digitalisation of all spheres of life. Looking for press pictures, our research agenda or reports of our activities?

CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF Impact of internet on society

More here. Have you ever tried to search your own name in Google? In fact, it is not bad idea. It will give you an opportunity to check how other users see your page, which information is available and so on. Some people may try to fake an identity for their criminal goals. The last research proves that it is absolutely easy to create an account in Facebook or another network using fake or impersonating identity.

The question is how you can verify whether this page belongs to the stated person or not. Any Internet safety essay will advise you to check out the possible settings and configurations. That will give you an ability to limit who can see some particular aspects of your profile. But hackers and cheaters are not the most troubling aspects about the Internet. Every day the problem of internet addiction becomes more serious. Many people consider it to be a teenage problem, but the fact is a lot of adults suffer from this disorder as well.

The Impact of Computers and Internet on Society

There are a number of reasons why people get this addiction. Some of them experience shortage of communication in real life, some of them just try to escape from the commonness of the daily life in virtual chatting or playing online games. There are some signs that scream loudly that a person has Internet addiction and needs help:.


Professors often make students write Internet addiction essay in order to increase their awareness on this issue. In fact, students usually use the help of paper writing service to complete this task. For instance, some people have to use Internet and spend hours with their due to their job. Another example is speaking via Internet with your distant relatives or friends.

This disorder could lead to a number of problems such as broken relations, job loss, financial and health problems. So Internet addiction should be immediately treated.