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Acid rain is formed when sulfur and nitrogen are distributed from factories, automobiles and power plants. The sulfur and …show more content…. Solid waste such as tires, diapers and plastics are buried in landfills each year. It takes generations for them to decompose. Today, there are laws that penalize manufacturing plants that dispose hazardous wastes. These plants dump these hazardous materials in nearby woods or dump them into streams this practice was common fifty years ago.

We need rain forests for survival. Rain forests pump fresh oxygen into the atmosphere, protect soil from erosion and absorb carbon dioxide. Rain forests cover 4. The Amazon in Brazil is the largest rain forest 2 million acres. The fate of today's rain forest is in trouble. A process called deforestation is the leading problem. Deforestation is the process of cutting down forests to use the land for farming and grazing cattle.

Farmers "slash and burn" forest turning them into desert land. Brazil promised to implement laws that were tougher to protect the Amazon. These laws cut deforestation in half. By , the burning started again and in the burning was at it's worst. The ozone layer blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, that comes from the sun.

Chemicals released from the earth are depleting the ozone layer.

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Skin cancer is on the rise as a result of the depletion of the ozone layer. Scientist states that every 1 percent of depletion of the ozone layer, the rate of skin cancer will rise 5.

Environmental Pollution Essays

As a result, tourism in that particular area drops, since further tourism infrastructure cannot be built and the surrounding beauty quotient decreases. Adopting alternative energy sources can drastically improve outdoor air quality. If people reduce the burning of sulphur rich coal and gas the can the levels of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, two major air pollutants. Industries must be surrounded with trees, these trees will block the spreading of smoke after combustion of fuels in industries.

Some of the vascular plants and non-vascular plants respond to air pollutants. Using these plants we can monitor highly dangerous air pollutants. Fertilisers and micronutrients should be applied correctly and only if required. Reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural activities.

Cultivation on hilly slopes should be require terracing and building along contour lines. Avoid buying packages items as they will lead to garbage and end up in landfill site. Ensure that you do not litter on the ground and do proper disposal of garbage. Buy biodegradable products and Periodic sampling of soil should be done.

Essay on Environmental Pollution: 7 Selected Essays on Environmental Pollution

Do Organic gardening and eat organic food that will be grown without the use of pesticides. Achieving economies of sale and least cost of production of public services. Soil fertility should be restored by using cultural practices like, mulching, green manuring, more use of organic manuring. Road traffic noise can be reduced by better designing and proper maintenance of vehicles. Noise abatement measures include creating noise mounds, noise attenuation walls and well maintained roads and smooth surfacing of roads.

Retrofitting of locomotives, continuously welded rail track, use of electric locomotives or deployment of quieter rolling stock will reduce noises emanating from trains. Air traffic noise can be reduced by appropriate insulation and introduction of noise regulations for take off and landing of aircrafts at the airport. Industrial noises can be reduced by sound proofing equipment like generators and areas producing lot of noise.

Power tools, very loud music and land movers, public functions using loudspeakers,etc should not be permitted at night. Use of horns, alarms, refrigeration units, etc. Use of fire crackers which are noisy and cause air pollution should be restricted. This not only helps prevent water shortages, but reduces the amount of contaminated water that needs treatment.

The water requirement should be minimized by altering the techniques involved. Recycling of water after treatment should be practiced to the maximum extent possible. As Environmental Pollution is increasing rapidly and India being country with second largest population government has started to work towards reduction of Environmental Pollution.

Environmental Pollution Essay

Various camps and programs have been organised by governments to increase Awareness among people in rural areas and in schools in order to create awareness among children from very beginning. Not only awareness programs have been initiated but legislation has enacted many laws in order to safeguard various endangered species, reduce pollution and also introduced penalties for industries not abiding by the law. The Environment Protection Act, was introduced as an umbrella legislation that provides a holistic framework for the protection and improvement to the environment. The state government shall take measures for abatement of noise including noise emanating from vehicular movements and ensure that existing noise levels do not exceed the ambient air quality standards specified under these rules.

Most Indians take the purity of the Ganga for granted. Unfortunately, it is a highly polluted river. The Ganga is a symbol of the culture of India, the source of its legend and poetry, and sustainer of its teeming millions. The national media particularly private news- papers are regularly featuring articles and programs on environmental protection for schools, farms, factories, and the general public.

Radio and television are also treating environmental protection as a priority area side by side with economic development. There is an increasing trend in privately sponsored environment programs on the national television circuit.

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As population is increasing water, air , and land pollution is also increasing and there will be no sustainable development. Without Sustainable development, out future we will be lacking resources and thus hampering future prospects. It will not be saved by people with old minds and new programs. It will not be saved but people with the old vision but new program.

Rajagopalan, R. Eugine, T. You may also be interested in the following: observation of environmental pollution.


Environmental Pollution. Accessed October 18, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Dogs are probably the most common and numerous pet in World, and Mexico is not the exception for this rule. The purpose of this work is to analyze the characteristics of the demand for the dog food business in Mexico. Dog Food Coors was very successful through the mids. How was its value chain configured up to that point? What type of generic competitive advantage did such a value chain confer?

Please focus your analysis on procurement, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution functions. Many communities in larger cities have some sort of economic hardships. Based on the severity of the issue of Environmental Pollution, respective paper will briefly describe the causes…. The health and environmental risks of pollution practices have gained attention and an effort is being made to improve the environment.

Sadly, more and more each year the earth is warmed in respects to high rates of pollution, whether it be by: land pollution, water pollution, air pollution, thermal pollution, light pollution, or noise pollution What Are Types of Environmental Pollution?

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Unfortunately, the people have generated so much waste that the…. The major concerns in the world is pollution and nuclear energy. Any type of exposure to environmental pollutants in early life can lead children and infants to deaths.

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High- Income countries…. Environmental pollution without a doubt is a problem we face in the 21st century. We have come up with treaties and pacts with other nations to combat the problems environmental pollution lays upon us as well as devoted substantial resources to lessen and reverse damage caused by pollution.

Logically speaking it would seem as environmental pollution would cause a problem within the outlook of the functionalist perspective that Durkheim stood behind, but would it really? The thing about the functionalist…. America has become a main source of industrialization which is now an instrumental part of modern society, and unfortunately waste…. Human activity is killing planet Earth. Environmental pollution is very bad for Earth. Air pollution, Water pollution, and Soil pollution are the three types of Environmental Pollution.

According to reporter Rinkesh….